English: Frustration and Holden Caulfield Essay

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Literary Analysis of CITR Anger is within all of us. Whether it has to do with frustration over the simple things in life, resentment of a peer, or the loss of pride; we all go through it. How we handle our anger defines many thing. This is a clear situation we see in Holden Caulfield, From JD Salinger’s novel “The Catcher in the Rye”. Holden definitely has a problem with controlling his anger. We see his anger through his violent tendencies, over reaction to events and sometimes the sad and depressing images that capture his mind. One of our first encounters with Holden unleashing his anger is when he gets in a fight with stradlater. It is hard to understand why Holden snaps so fast when Stradlater won’t answer his question; but it shows Holden’s first over reaction situation. When Holden goes to punch stradlater we experience Holden’s first violent tendency. It shows that if Holden doesn’t get what he wants he has the tendency to hurt someone. Holden appears to be extremely sadistic in this moment, even saying that he “tried to sock him with all his might… so it would split his goddamn throat open.” Holden seems to hate stradlater for “corrupting” Jane (what Holden believes happened). This upsets Holden because he’s Jane in such an innocent light and resents Stradlater for ruining that. This explains a lot about Holden; His need to understand and know everything, even though it may not be any of his business. This is also one of his biggest frustrations. When Holden meets Phoebe at the museum, the extent of his anger is shown. Holden irrationally yells at Phoebe for having a suitcase in order for her to go with him. Holden seems frustrated when his plan doesn’t go his way. But mostly he is sad because his little sister doesn’t want to let him go. This mix of anger and depression escalades pretty quickly into some violent ideas. Holden imagines himself hitting phoebe, even stating that he was “all set to”. However in a quick moment he re-collects himself and he contained himself. But is desire to see phoebe in pain continues which is his masochistic thinking. While phoebe is crying Holden confesses that he was glad she was, and he “wanted her to cry till her eyes popped out.” It is clear that Holden doesn’t control his anger for anyone not even the sister he idolizes. For this reason it’s easy to see that Holden has a problem with his anger. Because we know this it foreshadows that Holden will most likely lose his control on someone he wouldn’t mean to.