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Building Baby from the Genes Up

If you were to ask a handful people about the topic of genetic modification, you would get mixed answers. This subject will always seem to receive a variety of replies and positions, and this article manages to address both sides. The writer seems like a credible source because he teaches at a college and an author of several of his own books. This let’s us believe that he out his opinion with reasons. I appreciate the introduction paragraph, which discusses using modification to choose a healthy embryo for a family that has a history in breast cancer. It seems almost personal for readers that might have experience or knowledge of breast cancer and leads off with a health benefit that could come from it. With all the advancements being made with modern technology, why not use it to the advantage like this modification? Green’s main point being made is that we use that technology for medical reasons. He adds the opinions of critics into the article, which does help the argument. Some seem afraid that this technology would be misused to change features, such as eye color, or how athletic a person will be. It would, “diminish our freedom by making us creatures of our genes or our parents’ whims”(496). I don’t believe this to be true. Changing genetics for one’s health is the only thing is should be used for, not for who will run the fastest or look the best. The goal should be just to do what is best for all. In the article, it reads that some may even attempt to spend more money to make their children “better” with the technology but there should be restrictions and limits. Another opinion brought up is about religion and if it is going against certain beliefs of the people. If these advances were being used to help and save future generations, then how would it be bad? We are