English Grammar and George Essay

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A guy can talk to you and be sure you ain't gonna go blabbing. Uh-uh!

Just talking and you don't understand nothing.

lt don't make no difference if you don't hear or understand, you just...


..talking. (giggles)

Just talking.

Just being with another guy.

That's all.


George don't come back no more.

What you do then?


I said suppose George go into town tonight

and you never heard of him no more.

George would never do nothing like that.

Well, suppose he get hurt or killed and he can't come back.

George can't get killed cos George is careful.

Well, just suppose. Suppose he don't come back. What you do then?

I don't know. Gee, why are you doing anyways?

- That ain't true. George ain't hurt. - Shall I tell you what'd happen?

They'd take you to the booby hatch and lock you up with a collar, like a dog.

- Who'll hurt George? - (laughs) Just supposin'.

George ain't hurt. He's all right. He's gonna come back.

- Then what you supposing for? - Oh, I...

Ain't nobody talk no hurt to George.

Just keep calm. Now, now, George ain't hurt.

Ain't nobody talk no hurt to George. George'll be back.

All right, all…