English: Great Depression and Arsenic Containing Ores Essay

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Great Depression Economic failure is currently a large issue that the world as a whole is dealing with. However, this is not the first time; the great depression is also a period when the values of economic goods have declined. Therefore, are no official reasons to why the great depression occurred and therefore, only theories. However, there could be additional factors in explaining why the great depression occurred. These additional factors include the demand of certain materials and the following imposition that the federal government had on these scientific progresses. 1920 was the date in which World War 1 allegedly ended. Any form of war would require the investment of time, resources, and energy of all the citizens back then. The people who were most affected by this war were those who were not fighting in the actual war because they weren’t involved in the actual war; they were helping supply the materials either directly or indirectly (based on their occupation). Certain materials that needed to be supplied for armed use during the war ( on either side of the historic conflict), especially agent blue, which will be described below. An example would be how Agent blue, an arsenic based chemical, was used by the American armed forces to deprive Vietnamese citizens of the crops. The manufacturing of arsenic was to be facilitated in order for these chemicals to be made through the method of roasting in the case of arsenic, which involved burning wood over the arsenic containing ores. This created a massive amount of pollution. Hence, arsenic production was taxed because citizens were affected by it. Tax is an economic policy that affected everyone in a market, so