English: Heart and Cfc Essay

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Paragraph # 1 (Smoking – Effects)
Normally smokers enjoy smoking and have a pleasurable time with that, however, it has many side effects such as heart failure, bad breath and lung cancer. To begin with, heart failure is very common in smokers. Smoking tends to damage the blood vessels in our heart. The chemicals in tobacco smoke burn the blood vessels. There is a tartar formed in our veins and arteries which clogs up, which makes the flow of the blood slower and slower every day. At the same point, our veins and arteries gets no space for sufficient blood flow which enables us to have a severe heart attack. Moreover, smoking often causes smokers to have bad breath. Smoking can leave teeth coated with a thick layer of tartar. A lot of tarter accumulates in our gums, causing our breath to smell bad. Furthermore, smoking can cause lung cancer. It causes irritation when breathing. Smokers face a lot of other breathing symptoms too. The chemicals and dust from tobacco deteriorates our red lungs in to black lungs. In conclusion, as we all know, smoking can have many fatal and long run side effects such as heart failure, bad breath and lung cancer.

Paragraph # 2 (Acid rain – Causes) Acid rain is mainly caused by factory pollutants, car emissions and the CFC’s. To begin with, acid rains are caused by the factory pollutants. These pollutants is the smoke evaporating from the factories and industries. These emissions contain dangerous nitrogen oxide gas which combines with the