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Week 2 Individual Work

An Analysis of the college admission process reveals one challenge accepting students with high test scores or students with strong with strong extracurricular background activities. In my essay I will explain the analysis of college admission and the challenge that students facing admissions.

Planning for college can be a very excited time in a young person life, but it can be also very stressful. The process of selecting a college and applying for admission start around the time you or a junior and a senior. Every college and university has its own admission standard and process. College admission refers to applying to a higher education or institution as an undergraduate at a four year college or universities. College admissions take considerable time and includes multiple steps deadline and choice including fees, essay, college visit, and interview. Many students file separate applications to each school, although the common application expedite the process in many instance. Most undergraduate admit student to the entire college and not to a particular department and major. The admission process usually begin during a student junior year when a student meets with a guidance counselor and selects some colleges and visit some college campus. The summer before the senior year is a good time to finalize your application and begin writing essay and decide whether to apply earlier or make a regular decision. Senior year is when a student applies to a college and an advisor can help them and parents what school to choose. It can be a private college or universities including state subsidized schools as well as community college. Financial aid is a loan for students to borrow to help with college tuition. Applying for financial aid is recommend by almost all college admission advisor even for the middle-class and upscale families applying to private college. Each college has its own criteria for determining financial needs and loan. There are 2 types of financial aid need-based aid and Ment-based aid. Need-based aid is offered according to the financial need of a student. Ment- based aid is a scholarship and grants awarded to top academic performers or others with special talent.

In this paragraph I will talk about the extracurricular activities and the challenge that students face. There are conflicting views about students