English: High School and Good Grades Essay

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Jason Valdovinos P.1 ENGLISH

Do you have good grades? Well if you don’t have good grades, you need good grades to be involved in sports, extra curriculum activities, and you will have a hard time being accepted into a great college. Good grades are very important for eligibility in sports. With ought a 2.0 grade average it is impossible to be in a sport. Sports are a great list to have on a file. Sports help you stay physically fit mentally and physically. If you are very athletic student you will bring great down fall for your team, and school reputation. If in a sport I will help you stay focused not only in a sport but also in the class room. Further more good grades will let you enjoy the real fun in school. Extra curriculum activities are fun, but to have this privilege you must have a good grade point average. With ought to having good grades you to will not be involved in your school. When you have good grades and involved in an extra curriculum activity they will be loyal to you and be able to trust you in anything. To have a great time you need to have good grades. Colleges are looking for students with good grades, students they can trust and students that are always on task. Good grades show these three things, students with good grades will thrive in the future. Even though college level is advanced, students with good grades show that they can keep up mentally and physically. Good grades show your knowledge and commitment. Colleges are very…