English: High School and Writing Assessment Essay

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And Then came bigger books and bigger words
That’s feeling where like “ oh my god, are you serious” , when you get assigned a writing assessment. Where you know you're going to have horrible time for the rest of the week. Where your going to find something better to do then write your essay, you're going to procrastinate and end up doing it the night before when its actually do. Yeah that’s my life but twice as hard.
All my life I knew I had some sort of problem towards reading and writing. That something was wrong right in the middle. I just always kept it to myself. I knew that as I got older my teachers would notice. and I was right, until my 5th grade year, I had to do an assignment and my teacher noticed id spell words incorrect and the letters were misplaced. I remember her asking me “jasmine, sweetie are you dyslexic?” at first I didn’t know what that meant, until she explained it to me. It made sense to me , she’d ask me questions and it was yes after every question. The more I thought of it the more scared I was, I asked myself “Am I not going to be able to write, or read?” I was pretty scared. My teacher said it was nothing to worry about that I’m the same as everyone else its just that god picks special children to give these little gifts to. My mom didn’t seem to make it a big deal when I told her , so I didn’t make it into a big deal until middle school and high school came along and then came bigger books and bigger words.
I told my teacher to help me out that I had some difficult read , that I was slow at it and my writing wasn’t as good as most kids my grade. I knew I was stupid or anything it just takes me more time to understand the concept than most kids. My junior year my teacher, Ms.Smit told me she to has dyslexia. Finally I didn’t feel alone. I was shocked because she was an English teacher and that’s a lot of writing and reading. She taught me not to be scared of any writing prompt, that we all make mistakes and that everything was okay. She always told me that we are just like everyone else we just face a challenge. To me I hate feeling embarrassed and the feeling of people looking at me as if I were stupid. I know many people have the fear of sharing out their writing to the class but we all do. I honesty like writing. I can express my feelings. Jot down some ideas that come to me. It’s a wonder way of people getting to know you. I have unfinished stories somewhere in my bedroom from when I was about 10 years old. But I just couldn’t finish them, but know that I’m older I would love to add some more detail to them. Slowly as I grow older writing is getting easier but it seems reading is getting harder. As the books get bigger there’s bigger words & they have meanings. Mrs. Smit told me as I go on in life to write down all the