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When my head hit the pillow, my mind flashbacked to the time when I was aimlessly wondering around the haunted house. Blood sweating tears trickled down my forehead, the breeze sent shivers down my spine. … Lightning flashed, my heart was pounding uncontrollably. Halfway through the hallway, there stood an awkward looking creature dressed in black.
I took in every unique features of him, taking mini snapshots in my mind. His skin shone under the moonlight, his eyes were like dark grey clouds. Scars covered his wicked and awkward pose, stumbling slowly like a zombie- looking walk. I sensed his touch near my neck, looking deep into his eyes…he wasn’t’ just any blood-sucking animal, but also a mutant. His words came out of his twitching mouth as disorientated and mispronounced words that left me astray. Cuts formed around his body with blood dripping down, he fell on his knees and screeched. My mind was racing instead of escaping, I kneeled beside him. His wings grew out of his shoulder blade; he struggled to get up on his feet.
‘Come back to me, come back to me’! The voice was familiar and it ran through my mind. An intense shockwave ran through my body. I heaved my body up, at that instant before me stood a ghostly looking creature. My mouth opened, but nothing came out not even a single word. Blood stains covered the walls of my room. Without thinking twice, I scrambled out of the house and hurled myself into my car.
I switched on the radio and caught on to a story that was