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English Homework – 2. Persuade Your English Teacher Not to Set Any More Homework.
Stress Put On Students Because Of Homework

Dear Mrs Arnold,
I have an issue that I feel must be discussed. Homework. Yes, I know it is a constant battle between students and teachers all year round. However, I truly believe this letter will persuade you, to stop setting homework. I actually think that it is not homework itself that is the problem, because I often find homework helpful to leading me, to new information and preparing me for my exams. As you already know, we as students receive a large amount of homework which has made me want to come forth and speak out. Throughout the week, I am constantly bombarded with an increasing amount of homework tasks and projects which have overwhelmed me, to the point of bursting, which has made me, write this letter protesting against homework. Every night and throughout the weekends, families become a nuclear meltdown, so I plead that you will listen to my opinion and lighten the load or stop homework altogether!
Homework often gives me no choice but to devote each weekend and evening to school and little else. Although homework is something that is necessary to me to help me learn and understand, there is no reason why you have to assign hours of homework each and every night. Almost every weekday, I will come home from school, sit down, and complete two or more hours of homework or studying. This means I get home, will work until late, and then have a family meal, a shower, and what little time is left with my family. This is a constant cycle, Monday through to Friday. Even at the weekends, I can expect at least a few hours of work and this causes a constant battle between the members of my family. It is hard to appreciate a weekend away from school relaxing, when Sunday is constantly devoted to studying or homework. It is a struggle to balance my time between clubs or hobbies and homework. Many of my friends are not bothered by the standard of the homework and spend their time sitting in front of a computer playing games. I plead for the due in deadline to be extended, so I am able to spend less time on homework and more time with my family, or to have fun, not to sit at a desk and study!
Another impact of this constant workload is the increasing and ever-present stress. Every day I have to plan