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GCSE English language
Unit 1- Story
Section B:
The new arrival The new arrival had sat there looking at me with her emerald eyes glistening in the dim light, her hair was light blonde, and it hung loosely over her bony shoulders. She was thin as a stick, and when offered food, refused. Her name was Athena, the same as the goddess of intelligence and skill. She sat across the oak table, covered in carefully crafted china plates. Her bright pink nails, were noticeable from across the room, they were almost as fake as her personality, which I had only known for a matter of minutes. I had never met this girl before, nor her family. My family had very generously invited Athena and her family over for dinner, they had told me it was ‘’Good to get out more and meet new people’’. The thought of ‘’Getting out more and meeting new people’’ had made me shiver in my seat. I have never been one to socialise with people. I was probably a fine example of a socially awkward girl, and the thought of a ‘new arrival’ hadn’t settled down with me well. Athena’s parents had mentioned how, John, Athena’s dad had, had a promotion for the business that he is now CEO for and is earning enough money, to please both Athena and his wife. He remembered to include how moving from Greece to New York was a big deal, seeing as the weather here isn’t partically nice. I felt like he wanted a medal in honour of moving from Greece to move to New York to earn more money, oh I how sympathise with him. My parents had talked about me and Athena becoming ‘’very good friends’’, from Athena’s expression she was thinking the same thing as me, never. I could imagine it now Athena walking down the shiny cream tiled floor, filled with teenagers watching her every move, as she pushed passed people who, weren’t good enough for her and slammed people into their red, metal locker that were almost to the point of being black. Athena was one of them girls who snickered and laughed viciously at what other girls were wearing. I hadn’t known this girl for very long but from the way she turned her nose up to every single piece of food that was giving to her before she even gave it a chance, and faked laughed to everything my parents said, so that she could have another victim wrapped around her finger, said it all. Throughout the dinner, while my parents and Athena’s parents had, what seemed to be the time of lives. I however, did not. I sat there the whole time in the uncomfortable old wooden chair, carved carefully to my parent’s standards, while sitting opposite to someone, who I practically disliked. The only conversation me and Athena had were about shoes. Thanks to that interesting conversation I now know how to check the soles of a pair of Jimmy Choos, to tell if there real or fake. In Athena’s own words you ‘’Note whether the sole seamlessly blends into the upper of the Jimmy Choo, of if it looks like it was slapped together carelessly’’. I had tried putting in some Star Wars references, like CHOObacca, but Athena didn’t seem to get what I was