English: Iago and Roderigo Essay

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English 12 ac
Shakespeare Unit

Scene Summary
Act one, scene three, lines 298-385

In this scene, Roderigo is talking with Iago about how he wants to drown himself over Desdemona being with Othello. Iago calls Roderigo silly for thinking in such a way, and suggests he doesn’t do so. Iago describes to Roderigo how life’s what you make of it, and reassures him that he will have his back through the situation. In Iagos reassurance, he is just gaining more friendship with Roderigo, by pretending he cares. Iago is very convincing in this scenario, telling Roderigo not to give up on his love for Desdemona. Iago is really just up to no good, as he is always scheming; although, this scene is where all his scheming begins. Iago talks Roderigo into selling everything he owns, to make him wealthy. He says that Desdemona would love him that way, which is exactly what Roderigo wants. In this scene, Iago does a whole lot of convincing, as he convinces Roderigo into selling all his belongings, but also to bring him the money for it, secretly for his own pleasure. Within act one, scene three, amongst the lines 298-385, Iago’s selfishness is expressed through him pretending to be on Roderigos side, due to his hate towards Othello because of rumours going around that he had been having an affair with Iagos wife, Emilia. At the end of the scene, Iago is alone, and he speaks to the audience about how he really feels about the conversation he just held with Roderigo. Iago is starting up this war instead of simplify talking it out with