Essay on English: Immigration to the United States and New Immigrants

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Historically speaking, at one point in time America used to welcome immigrants and it wasn’t as complicated as it is today. There are many pros and cons to this topic. Immigrants got their health checked out when they reached the United States and now immigrants don’t have that privilege. As years went on the way immigrants were treated had changed.
Although there doesn't seem to be many pros for letting in more immigrants, we have to remember we all come from immigrants. What makes America so great is the diversity of all the cultures here. Cultural exchange is a pro of immigration. This leads to the exchange of cultural values, it results I knowledge between two nations and cultures. It is a way to interact with people from another country. It also gives us a way to come together and share different views of diverse backgrounds. Immigration brings in new opportunities for people from different countries. This opens doors for us Americans and the new immigrants coming in with new working and schooling ideas. This has resulted in an open global market. It gives a global perspective to the social and economic growth of society. With new career and education opportunities, comes economic growth. Most immigrants do our cheap labor in America. They don’t know too much from their own country so coming here and working for minimum wage is okay for them. This doesn’t go for all though. Some immigrants have given us Americans great ideas and new opportunities. There are some arguments that immigration is good because it has brought some of us Americans out of poverty.
Population growth is a major con of immigration. America is growing day by day with millions of people, mostly because we have so many immigrants coming from all over. This is a huge disadvantage to immigration. Migration of people from one country to another leads to over crowding in one nation as to the deserting of another. This may lead to imbalance of natural resources here in America. We let in a lot of legal immigrants, so the amount of illegal immigrants is just as much. Which is creating even more legal children. Immigrants can also bring in diseases that they received in their own country. This then leads to the spread of disease. To reduce the risk of transferring of diseases, many countries have tried to do screening of all immigrants on their arrival to make sure they aren’t bringing anything over here. But that doesn’t mean they