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Changes in context and form offer fresh perspectives on the values in texts.
How does Pacino’s film reveal a new response to the values explored in Richard III?
The movie itself should take the high seed in the essay

Al Pacino's docudrama, Looking for Richard, reveals new perspectives on the values, integrity, loyalty and justice, discussed in Shakespeare's morality play, Richard III, through the emended perception of Richard. A focus on the integrity of the character ultimately ensures a depreciation of the importance of other values within the play. An interaction with the director, Pacino, allows an insight into the director's rationale and his implicit purpose and in turn revealing a different perspective of the values through a different medium. His aim to relate the Shakespearean values to a contemporary audience clearly differs from the discussion of the British Monarchy's struggles in Richard III. The shift in the target audience is clearly central in the illustration of the importance in an individual's integrity.

1. To what extent does your comparative study of Richard III and Looking for Richard demonstrate the nature of truth as an important universal concern?
In your response make detailed references to both texts.
An exploration into the comparison of the unique perceptions of Richard in Shakespeare's morality play Richard III and Al Pacino's documentary Looking for Richard greatly reflects the concerns of the nature of truth and its perpetuity through the eras. They further reveal the malleability of truth through Richard's interaction with the audience and characters. Shakespeare's quintessentially Elizabethan portrayal of Richard illustrates a "vice" to reflect the era's clear definition of truth whilst Pacino's interfusion with his role advocates a blurry border between truth and lies.
1. By exploring the original purposes and