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Truth At Dawn The poem Truth at dawn written by Kevin Ireland is about a person who wakes up every morning at six with an old sickness in his brain. The old sickness is that he is bored about his whole life and always working and losing his energy every day. Every day he will be in a hurry for work reading the paper fast and throttling his paper after he read in a hurry. He always worked so hard in the day. The protagonist was shown to be trading his time for nothing but boredom and tiredness. After his work, he will be literally crawling home as his feet, as there was no energy left in them to walk briskly. As per my perception the protagonist is left with no energy that, he is just shuffling his feet …show more content…
Then at home he was reckoning his costs and whenever he used see a football match in the television he was never very enthusiastic about is he would just yawn and say that we lost. The purpose of starting the stanza with a ‘And’ was that the poet has seen him as a person who is very bleak in nature which made him to start with an ‘And’. In the fifth stanza it is told that he did not refrain himself that is he did not abstain from an impulse to say or do something. He was actually frightened by the fact that how he would go for work the next day. There were no messages more than self-mocking that is he was joking at himself. Every day he used to only feel the smell of defeat because of his work he is only use to smelling defeat rather than the sweet smell of victory.

In the sixth stanza now that he reached home after a hard day of working he is so tired that he think of nothing else than sleeping. So he would retire for the night he will creep in between the two sheets of his bed tired and exhausted after his whole day after the whole day of working. Then he will fall into the battle field of the sleep. In the seventh stanza it is written that in his dreams he was like a hero that is after he falls asleep he will wake up in the world of dream, only in that his unconscious mind portrayed himself as a hero of far