Examples Of The Ecommerce System

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Tyga “Last kings”
My ecommerce corporation is based in central London that has started few years ago. The corporation isn’t that big since it recently opened so the popularity isn’t that big but we have customers daily that wish to purchase our products from the stores. This keeps us in the business. Our staff isn’t that big at the moment as I fired quite few members. The staff is around 30 members. Our profit comes from selling clothing lines that we created. Soon we looking forward to advertising different clothing lines such as vans, Gucci and other popular clothing lines.

Technology required to support an ecommerce system

Hardware is one of the key components to the ecommerce system of Tyga “Last kings”. For instances creating ecommerce system requires a whole new hardware components such as mouse, keyboard and monitor to be able to navigate yourself through the ecommerce. There are much greater components that help not only navigate through ecommerce but it assists you to create the ecommerce itself, meaning that it will hold the ecommerce web page on the internet. The sort of hardware you would need will be web servers. This component will do exactly that.

Software The definition of the term “software” is that the programs and other operating information used by a computer meaning it has a huge role in a computer as well as to the Tyga “last kings” clothing line ecommerce. Not only you certain hardware parts to be able to create and run the ecommerce of the Tyga “Last kings” itself but you need certain software’s that could be able to hold it in the internet and be able to run it smoothly without any errors. For this type of job, there is quite few that could do the trick for instance: internet explorer. This software is free that comes with windows Microsoft but not as great as the Mozilla Firefox which became very popular over the past couple of the years. There is always other option that is very popular with the apple products is the safari. With this kind of software it is very easy to navigate through because it is user friendly software’s. This is because there are high numbers of pupil that aren’t so confident in using the computer itself. With that been said, database it is also one of the key components since it stores all of the products customers records and other business information. This makes it important because the changes that the owner makes of the ecommerce system at Tyga “Last kings “but some of the owners have outsource meaning that the owner doesn’t have full control of the ecommerce itself which could be an advantage in a way because it reduces the workload but there is vital disadvantage as to not having the full control of your organisation.

Most web pages are in HTML format or an extension to the HTML format such as XHTML. The HTML files contain all of the information that is present on a web page as well as other information that is not seen by the user. Other file types/languages can be contained within HTML coding such as PHP and Javascript. HTML pages are split into two main sections, the HEAD and the BODY. The head of the page contains coding and information that is not seen by the user, this is usually code that depicts how the page acts. The body of the page contains all of the content and information that is seen by the user, this can be text, images, videos or animation.

Networking is also very important because in a Tyga “Last kings” you will need to transfer data between to computers through networking. However, if the two computers don’t have the same protocol it is then impossible to do the following action. It is pretty much the same when two people are communicating through different language. To make sure that doesn’t happen in a Tyga “Last kings”, you will need to identify each of the computers IP address which is unique number that each computer has. It is set of four numbers each of 0 to 255. For instance