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AP English IV
Timed write "Middlemarch"
In the book, "Middlemarch", Eliot shows that Lydgate's naive disdain for the importance of social relationships had only made him unpopular. His belief that he can work without any professional or personal consequences by saying that money "is a temporary affair" shows that he is naive. Rosy tries to tell him that Lydgate can barely afford unpopularity because she cries at his misunderstanding about how important a social status is, but most importantly money. The author gives the reader Rosy's thoughts by her trying to convince Lydgate that " his friends would not wish him to be without money." This shows that the author was bringing out a more materialistic side of Rosamond and a rather lackadaisical side to Lydgate. Lydgate tries to have a more rational, scientific zeal in his reasoning, but ultimately it just makes him succeed in digging a deeper hole for himself and his wife. Rose even wishes that "she would never had married him" which shows that Tertius is obviously not contemplating his thoughts in the right direction, with financial and marital decisions. The author shows that Lydgate deceives himself when he thinks he calms Rosy down with her tears by playing the role of a romantic hero, forgetting the practical matter of his meager income. When he blames himself, it was as if he were trying to calm a crying baby down, knowing that he was only trying to stop the argument. This shows that he doesn't care about the…