English: John F. Kennedy Assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald Essay

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Luke Shafer
U.S history B 4th hour

I interviewed Dave Carpenter on 5-18-13. The interview took place in my house and he graduated in 1971. “ I grew up in Vicksburg Michigan” The first question I asked was, What were you doing at the time Kennedy was shot? I was in school at the time and I was in the hall reading with one of my teachers when they found out. At that time our parents came and picked up all of the students. I didn't really know what all was going on but later that night my parents told me about the tragic thing that happened to our president. It affected my family greatly because we were all a fan of him. My parents were crying when they were listening to the news. As of women working my mom didn’t really she just stayed home and cleaned up after me and my brother and sister. I would compare this event to 9/11 as almost the same because I had the same reaction my parents did when Kennedy was shot but this time for 9/11. After the assassination of Kennedy the media went crazy and so did everybody that was watching the news or heard about the assassination of Kennedy. I believe that justice was served when Jack Ruby killed Oswald, I just think he took out our president Kennedy then he shouldn't be alive. Yes I think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, I think he just didn't like Kennedy or that he was jealous of him. I feel like the assassination of Kennedy could have been prevented if they didn’t post his car route in the papers, also I feel like they…