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“What I mean is . . . maybe it’s only us” (Chapter 5) This quotation is said by Simon to the boys during one of their meetings. This was when the boys were talking about the beastie and wondering if it was real or not. Most of the littluns think that the beastie is a monster that comes out only at night. While the boys argue about the beastie and whether it exists or not, Simon wonders if the beastie is just all of the boys themselves. Since all of the boys show fear of the beast, Simon concludes that they are afraid of the beast because the beast exists in all of them. Simon realizes that the beast is all in their heads but the boys don't seem to understand what Simon is trying to say. While the boys are trying to defeat the beastie, they are actually becoming beast-like. Simon struggles to explain this to the rest of the boys because he is only a child. The beastie symbolizes evil and savagery which is in each of the boys themselves. The boys have the capability of committing evil actions for survival.

"They knew very well why he hadn't: because of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood" (Chapter 1) This quotation was towards Jack because he was scared to kill the pig. When Jack saw a pig stuck in the vines, he planned on killing it with his knife but then he couldn't do it. Jack said that he ended up not killing the pig because he didn't know where to start cutting it, but that was just an excuse. Jack was scared to kill the pig because he thought that it had a chance to have freedom and live. For example, the first time the beastie was mentioned by the boy with the birthmark, Jack said the beast isn't real but if it was he would kill it. Jack ends up not doing the actions he says he could be successful with doing. Jack fears killing because he is a civilized human who does no harm towards other living things. Jack is not savage-like at this time during the book. This quote is significant because it shows how Jack chooses not to harm anything without a purpose for doing it.

"The mask was a thing of its own, behind which Jack had liberated from shame and self-consciousness" (Chapter 4) This quotation is significant because it shows how a mask is a symbol in this book. Jack made himself a mask out of mud and painted it on his face so he would blend in. Jack thought that wearing a mask would help him blend in to the society so he could finally catch a pig and hunt more without his fears getting in the way. This would help Jack become a better hunter and make him gain strength to kill. The mask made Jack someone he is not. The main purpose of this mask was for Jack to not feel any guilt or shame for when he killed pigs or other animals that he hunted. Jack's mask was camouflage colors so he would blend in with his surroundings. This mask helped him separate himself from civilization and his real identity which is no longer who he is anymore. Jack is more a more savagery person now because of the microcosmic society he is living and designing for himself and the rest of the boys.

"His mind was crowded with memories; memories of the knowledge that had come to them when they closed in on the struggling pig" (Chapter 4) This quotation is significant because it is said after Jack ends up killing the pig. After Jack finally had enough strength to kill the pig, he became obsessed with hunting. All Jack thinks about is how he killed this pig and he keeps reliving this action in his mind. Jack's behavior is becoming more