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Professor Zorn
Writing 101
3 July 2014

English Language Learner Growing up, I’ve been around Spanish speakers only. Therefore, my first language was Spanish. I was the first born in my family and the first to learn to speak the English language. Learning English was not a piece of cake because I only knew the basics of the grammar. At home I had no help whatsoever in my school work. Also, at home I had nobody to correct me if I spoke it wrong. Although my parents didn’t speak English, they always motivated me to give it my all to master the English language. Learning the language was challenging,ambitious, and different to my culture.
The English language has never been easy, and up to this day it always has its challenges. I could say my biggest challenge was in grade school. Since I had only the basic vocabulary, I could not pronounce the words that were considered a standard in my grade level. Besides that we were separated in reading levels and had color coded books depending on your comprehension and fluency of your reading. I would see all of my friends having no difficulty on the reading, they would easily move up levels each week. I, on the other hand would struggle to move up

Page 2 levels and would stay on the same one for two weeks. I took a little longer, but I managed to understand it in the end. I would see all my friends move up, and I challenged myself to become a better reader. Every day I would read at least thirty minutes and try to sound out the words. As time passed, I changed reading levels each week . Also, each week on Monday we were given a packet, then towards the end of the week on Friday we would have to turn it in. I would never have anyone to help me on finishing the packets so I was unable to fully complete it. Some parts I would not understand, so i’d leave it blank. Everyone was graded one to four; one meaning little to none completed, two, some effort shown to complete the packet; three, majority of the packet completed, and four meant the packet was completed and with only minor mistakes. My grades were ones or twos while all my friends threes and fours. At school
I would always stay quiet and put my head down and never ask for help. My parents would try to help but they never understood my homework. Then, they asked for help to my teachers and I’d stay after school for help. So then as weeks passed, I understood everything the packets asked me to do and instead of receiving ones or twos I would get threes and fours, meaning little by little I was beginning to master the English language. With this being done I always had motivation within me that made me desire to progress in school.

Ambition has always been a big part of my success in school. My ambition to strive to become more successful in the English language made me focus more in class. English class to me is super­boring ,but I knew in order to become