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The Origin of Cultural Power: Language
At the begging of the English language, it was forced to stay undergrounded for almost three hundred years. The original English can be traced back all the way to Germanic language. Some tribal people from Netherlands moved beyond to where they were living to seek a better life, bring the language of original English with them. Before Germanic culture came to us, about five hundreds years ago, the Romance culture had been there.
After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the original British tribes were left where they were. After the invasion of the Germanic language, the original citizens became second-class citizens. The only way they could better was to learn and to be part of the Germanic culture. The Germanic culture quickly dominated the entire Britain. And many words are inherited from the Germany. We could still see our names and numbers contain some of the Germanic words. Yet old languages are still little bit different from the modern English.
After Christian became spread around the Great Britain, it also brought the Latin with it. And then English took lots of Latin words. Since Latin uses letters, the writing became popular. Though Latin as a media brought English to use, now the Latin has vanished. Since English is used in Christian, soon the old English itself became popular and cable of express people’s feelings. Then poetry appeared.
Soon the Vikings came to the Europe and changed the old English. John Wycliffe insisted the helped to secure the langue of English. Because of the Alpha, the country was divided to Danish and English. However, as people did business and married to each language speakers, the language of English started to absord the language of Danish. Many adjectives and verbs of the modern English are from the old Northern English.
After the movie, it is quiet surprise to see how a language was involving and got to where we are today. I used to be very curious about how did French, Germany, and Latin have so many common words with English. This movie revels that the entire English was founded on the root other languages. And it pretty much consists of every major language spoken in Europe. So it should not be too odd to see how did English become universal language. Additionally, in the recent hundred years, the entire world is leading by the western culture.
Yet if we go back how did the English became the way it is today, we can conclude the history of English is also the history of war or