English: Laughter and Happy Person Essays

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Name: Tolulope oluwadare
Date: 10: February; 2015
Topic: What makes you laugh? The word ‘Laugh’, according to the Oxford Dictionary clearly defines laugh as a physical reaction in humans, and some species of primate consisting typically of rhythmical, often audible contractions of the ‘Diaphragm’ and other part of the respiratory system. What makes me laugh includes something that is funny, also I’m a happy person and lastly the kind of people am surrounded with. Personally what makes me happy often comes from something that is funny such as Jokes from comedians, and also drives joy from something that is worth exciting such as excellent grades. There was a day I was with my family and we were watching a ‘T.V’ show titled ‘Laugh at a thousand night’ sponsored by African popular comedian ‘ Bovi’,and it was a very funny show. Secondly as a happy person, a lot of things makes me laugh, therefore, no matter what the situation I find myself in I will always find a way to laugh it off so it doesn’t affect me as much as it should. One fateful, I was pissed off by one of my friend , so I decided to read a comedy novel because I know by reading that I am going to forget about what she did to me and laugh it off. Lastly I believe that to laugh is something that is contagious and the laughter of one person can itself prove the laughter of others. Therefore, the kind of people I surround myself with also make me laugh, so it is like having positive ‘vibes’