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Leadership Comparison
A leader is one who is capable of transmitting a number of values into his followers, in order to carry out a common task under an ethical manner. A leader’s priorities should seem selfish to his own self, while serving a generous purpose to those who transcend through his guidance. He must admit also, a sense of discernment between good and bad, to avoid a disastrous outcome or even decision. Most importantly, his good will should affect not only his crew, but also his entire community. A successful leader is not always considered a “good” one.

Earlier, I read a couple of stories in which I learned about two different types of leaders. In “Beowulf”, the main character demonstrated a heroic act, condescending from his actions meant to end with his own life in order to save those of others. He was a clear example of the word leader, proving the theory of priorities and selfishness to one’s own self. On the other hand, the leaders mentioned in The Iliad, were not as representative to me as they were supposed to. Their priorities relied on their personal interests or goals, leaving behind the interests of those who followed them. For instance, Achilles was bound to the Greek army, until he fought with the king Agamemnon for serious matters. In turn, he allowed his disloyalty to flourish, and asked an almighty immortal to help the opposing army. Even in times of rage, a leader should not be disloyal or him/her will certainly loose the meaning of his