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Dear Mr. Stephenson, My name is Han! I love to express myself, But I'm kinda shy when I first meet people. I tend to make friends very easily. I always try to make good grades to make my mom proud, but it seems hard because I seem to be lower then my brother's level. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed because I feel like the standard is set very high. When I don't get the grade I want I often feel like I'm not good enough. I love to play sports. I may not be great? But I feel at home when I'm on a team. I love the feeling of success, but I don't mind losing. The feeling I get when I'm in a game is indescribable. I also love helping my team mates. I come from a family of 5. My mom, Hop (older brother,16), and Hy (younger brother,2) my dad recently passed away, but he will always be apart of our family. We are full blood Vietnamese; my parents migrated from south vietnam when they were kids to have that famous american dream. My family is very loving, and like some families we argue; but we always forgive each other very quickly! Reading books, the occasional FB creeping, talking to friends, and folding stuff like paper stars or origami are someways I spend my free time! When my friends and I hang out usually it's just a casual hang out! We go to a friends house and just sit and talk about school or anything that comes up. We also go out to eat, watch movies, and go to each others sporting events! This summer I would love to stay in shape; but I already know that didn't work. I also try to get a head start on all the Sequoyah books every year because ever since middle school when Ms. Simer first introduced them to me I have seemed to enjoy a lot of the nominated books! Also I want to work on my handwriting. I am a very fast learner, I like to be able to see and know what I'm about to get into, and I like group assignments. My strong points are reading and grammar. I can't say I'm good at very