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Higher School Certificate
Preliminary Mid-course Examination


Total Marks - 80

Directions to Candidates
Time Allowed:
Working time - TWO (2) hours
Reading time - 5 minutes

Write using blue or black ink
Write your student number at the top of this page

Section I (20 marks)

Multiple Choice

Attempt ALL questions 1-20
Allow approximately 30 minutes for this section.

Mark your answers on the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet provided.

Use this examination booklet to write your answers for Sections II, III and IV

Section II (40 marks)
Attempt ALL Short Answer questions 21-28
Allow approximately 1 hr for this section

Section III (10 marks)
Attempt question 29 – Case Study
Allow approximately 15 mins for this section

Section IV (10 marks)
Attempt question 30 - Extended Response
Allow approximately 15 mins for this section


Multiple Choice

Total marks (20)
Attempt ALL questions. Allow 30 minutes for this section.
Each question is of equal value.
Select the alternative A, B, C or D that best answers each question and circle your answer on the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet provided.

1 Which of the following is an example of an information process?

(A) A local area network. (B) The end-users of an information system. (C) Saving an image file. (D) The speed and width of the system bus.

2 Which list contains only collection devices? (A) Keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone. (B) Monitor, projector, printer, speaker. (C) Scanner, digital camera, network interface card, router. (D) CPU, system bus, USB interface, serial port.

3 What is Analysing?

It is the information process that transforms data into information

It is the information process by which information is output from the system to meet a purpose

It is the information process that transfers data and information within and between information systems

It is the information process by which data is entered or captured by a computer system

4 Audio data used as input to a computer-based system is represented in

(A) sampled digitised waveform only (B) sampled digitised waveform or MIDI (C) MIDI only
(D) analogue waveform or digitised sampled
5 Which of the following describes characteristics of a typical hard disk drive?

(A) Volatile, permanent and random access. (B) Non-volatile, non-permanent and random access.
(C) Non-volatile, non-permanent and sequential access. (D) Non-volatile, permanent and sequential access.

6 Digital to analog conversion typically occurs prior to or as part of which information process?

(A) Collecting (B) Analysing (C) Processing (D) Displaying

7 Which term describes a connection that uses a single transmission channel?

(A) Synchronous (B) Asynchronous (C) Serial (D) Parallel

8 Which term describes a smaller amount of fast memory used to improve data access speeds to larger and slower memory? (A) Register (B) Cache (C) RAM
(D) Primary storage

9 A person moves to a new address but does not inform a business they deal with regularly. Which of the following checks performed by the business is most likely to detect the changed address? (A) Data validation checks. (B) Data redundancy checks. (C) Data verification checks. (D) Data type checks.
10 Which term describes traditional television and radio transmissions?

(A) Duplex (B) Simplex (C) Half duplex (D) Full duplex

11 Which term best describes the process of adding an image to a word processing document such that the image is stored within the saved document? (A) Linking (B) Merging (C) Embedding
(D) Inserting

12 Many large companies use a particular computing technology