English Macbeth Essay

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Epictetus once said, “Difficulties are things that show what men are.” In other words, the way that people deal with their problems is what defines them as people. I agree with this statement because everyone acts differently when they are under stress or faced with an important issue that needs resolve. A person is never truly understood until they have been observed in that state. In “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, protagonist, Macbeth, and Macduff are characterized through their actions. Throughout the events of the drama, Macbeth is proven to deteriorate from a relatively strong man to one of weak morals. At the beginning of the play, he is honored by King Duncan for fighting to protect his country. He was honorable and confident until he was approached by prophetic witches. Hearing that he was to become king, his wife bothered him to kill the king. At first, he picked the morally correct decision and decided to not kill the king. Yet after much pestering from Lady Macbeth, he allowed himself to get manipulated and changes his mind. He gives in to her lust for power and kills Duncan. This proves how morally weak Macbeth becomes. He quickly becomes weak and arrogant and slowly builds a reservoir of overconfidence, eventually leading to his demise. Macduff also proves to be a morally dynamic character as the play progresses. However, unlike Macbeth, he becomes stronger as time goes on. In the beginning, he stays relatively quiet as his suspicion surrounding