English: Magazine and Ice Cream Essay

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Haroon Rashidy 9b
Our client, the New Zealand Ice cream has requested a magazine advertisement for a campaign this summer. I have prepared an advertisement which I believe will be effective in delivering the client’s message. The merchandise publicized is the New Zealand Ice cream. The values portrayed encourage people to purchase this product as the add displays the ice cream’s quality and flavour. The most important aim is to induce customers to purchase this product.
The client chose the medium of a magazine to send its message. It will be printed in popular mainstream magazines such as Woolworth’s magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. The main readership of New Zealand ice cream is young women aged 20 or over. These magazines cost from 3.99 to 5.00 dollars. This allows a wide range of audience as it is affordable by most female Australians. The Woolworths magazine is both online and purchasable at the store allowing a wider range of audience.
The advertisement depicts an idea of relief and an out of this world experience. The female is holding a melting ice cream in her hand. This could portray that she cannot get enough of the ice cream. The background is pink with images of the ice cream inspiring the reader that she is also dreaming about the ice cream. This may indicate that this ice cream is very addictive and delicious.
The colours, size, shape and position of the images in a magazine advertisement can be vital to conveying meaning. In this instance the young women has her hair dyed pink as is…