English major 2 Essay

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Thud. Thud. Thud. Footsteps proceeding towards the brown door guarding the room you're sitting in. Bumping shoes against each other, it provides a rhythm that replicates the sound of heartbeats. Thud. Thud. Click, the sound of the latch recedes and the doorknob turns its rotation. The door slowly swings open, you can just feel the sweat perspire on your palm. Nervously, a crooked and awkward smile sets onto your face. You feel the muscles on your cheek lift yet the feeling of uncertainty sits heavily on the mind. How ready are you? "Get a job! Stop being so lazy!" shouted your mother as she flipped the warm blankets off of the bed. "Alright mom, just give me back the blankets please" you whimpered. "I'll go look online or something". A few hours later, the bed is empty and the bathroom is occupied. Brushing your teeth quickly, thinking to yourself "how am I going to get a job?". Grabbing the breakfast on the kitchen table, the computer is next. Google, the ultimate everything, is the most helpful tool right now. The first thing that pops onto your mind, type in "Available jobs in New York", out pops a safari of options and choices. What kind of job, you ask yourself. "Labor, such as a construction worker, is not an option. Way too much stress on the body. Tutor? Not smart enough for that. Cook? Thinking carefully about this one, nope. This is hopeless, everything is too difficult." Almost giving up, you stumbled upon a local pharmacy hiring. "Hourly retail? I can do that, what's so hard about standing there and working the cash register." Click. Look at the position summary. "To ensure customer satisfaction by handling each customer with the eye's, hi's and help. To ensure each customer has a positive shopping experience and to remember that the customer is the top priority." reading out loud, "this shouldn't be too difficult, I've been to the pharmacy before and I fit the education requirement". "This shouldn't be too difficult"; I concluded as the online form was being filled out. Tucking myself in bed that night, thoughts raced through my mind. "Am I ready for this? I never had a job before, let alone an interview. My interview is in a week. What should I do? I guess I'll have to Google. Good night me". The days leading up to the interview date were excruciating. Nothing could've been focused on except the interview. Everything that was done by me was sloppy. The night before the interview, extreme over thinking was on my mind. I nervously rocked myself to sleep. Waking up to the blaring sound of the iPhone alarm, you quickly scurry out of the bed. Looking into your closet, you examine every single outfit possible. Picking out the fancy dress shirt that you hate wearing and the blank dress pants that your mother always tells you to never fold, you put them on and rush to the bathroom. Brushing every single tooth, you double check and smile awkwardly at the mirror. The mirror awkwardly smiles back. Running to the kitchen, you grabbed the nearest thing that is edible and head out. All that is on your mind is not being late. As you enter the facility, a lady brings you to a room after you introduced yourself. You wait. The wait felt like eternity. Finally you hear something. You hear footsteps. Your heart is racing. A man appears after the door swings open. Everything that you prepared for, everything that you worried for, everything begins. The man smiles and sits down behind his desk. He says "I'd like to spend the next hour or so getting to know more about you. I will ask you various questions and you will answer them based on your