The Simple Gift Analysis

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Belonging is one of the more basic needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy, where it comes just above health and safety. This truncated level designates how fundamental this need is. Although ‘Belonging’ essentials include love and affection, we will frequently prefer to be in a low social position within a group than leave and try to find another group. ‘Belonging’ need is stronger than ‘esteem’ need. In the Text ‘The Simple Gift’ by Steven Herrick, Belonging and not belonging contributes a major role throughout the poem as a result of self-reflection, place and relationships, as I have exposed specifically throughout my Visual representation.
The way in which I have set out my visual, is clear and informal for an observer to understand. Taking place in the left side of the sheet is all the significant moments that has happened to the main protagonist who is situated in the middle of the drawing, Billy Luckett, in Nowheresville. Which then leads to the other side of the sheet (right side) that expresses the substantial moments in which Billy has experienced in the new town he moved too, Bendarat.
The first image that I have drawn that signifies the moments of change or growth within the character I have chosen, Billy Luckett, is located in the top left corner of the sheet and is a picture of him leaving the house, as well as breaking a window with the soccer ball he had before it was kicked over the fence by his discreditable father. The color I have chosen to make this drawing more thorough is brown, this is because by Billy leaving the house he has grown up in with his appalling family; the situation he is in isn’t very virtuous, and therefore the color brown demonstrates the feeling of sadness and isolation and gives the observer a good understand of what is happening. Along with the cloud grey cloud above the house and the rain falling on top of the roof, strongly enhances the moment of Billy leaving his old life behind him, and willing to start fresh somewhere besides being alongside with his father.
The second picture that I have drawn that indicates Billy not being able to be in the right place, is situated in the bottom left hand corner. The picture that I have drew thoroughly shows that Billy has left his school ‘Wentworth High’ ineradicably. This is because of quote he has written on one of the windows “Get Stuffed”. The colors that have chosen to support this picture in bringing out the emotions of Billy, is Brown yet again for the reason that, just as he left his father alone in the house because of the feeling of being unwanted and a lack of belonging, he does the same with his school. Leaving the school interminably and not coming back; signifies a strong change within the character for the reason that he is standing up for himself and leaving his historical memories behind him as he leaves the town for the better. By having the raindrops accompanied with the building of the school, develops a deeper sympathetic of what is happening and Billy’s life in Nowswheresville isn’t what he desired.
The Third picture that I have drawn, admittedly shows the observer that even though Billy’s life in Nowswheresville is a place where he doesn’t not belong, the picture located in the middle of the left hand side of the page is ‘Westfield Creek’, shows that it is a place where Billy goes to get his mind off the trials and tribulations he is facing in his day-to-day life and sits back to enjoy the sounds of the cold flow of the water and birds singing. The color I have used to sustenance this drawing is light blue, this is because as Billy loves this place, and regularly goes there to get his mind of things, blue is a color that represents happiness as well as confidence, and that is