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Media Free Torture

On Thursday October 11, 2012 I participated in a media free day with the rest of my media studies class. I had to boycott any type of media to the best of my abilities. I was not completely media free but I tried my best. Not being able to look at a billboard or an advertisement on the bus brought to my attention how aware I actually am of those signs. I realised I usually actually read a lot of them without even noticing it. It also made me aware of how ADD I am. I couldn’t stop wanting to look at everything and wonder about everything I was reading/seeing. This day caused me lots of boredom, stress, and uncertainty. I was also hyper aware of my actions because things I do naturally (check the weather or time on my phone, check facebook/twitter) I was not allowed to do.

The boredom kicked in very early in the morning particularly on the bus. I was not able to listen to my music (which I am addicted to) to drown everyone else’s noise out so I had to sit there and listen to how a women went to get a coffee at Tim Hortons and had to wait a whole 10mins to finally get it because they didn’t have decaf ready right away. It was quite irritating to listen to people’s problems or stories instead of just relaxing on the bus oblivious to everyone else around me. Stress and uncertainty went hand in hand throughout my day. I felt like I had nothing to double check what I was doing. After school I do not have a set routine I follow, it depends on what my mom is doing. I was very unsure of what I had to do and this caused me some stress because of timing and scheduling.

I did slip up throughout the day without really realising that I was because it is second nature to do so. In the car riding…