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1. Boron into Brothels.

The scene of Puja dancing on the bus has a lot of meaning in the viewers of the films eyes. After watching the beginning of the film and seeing their lifestyle of where they live and how they are treated, no wonder they are dancing. The dancing to them is them being happy, the scene really focuses on their faces showing the truthfully happiness. They are happy to be away from their home for just a small amount of time. The beach is something they haven't ever experienced and to them the beach is paradise. Even though they are kids full of energy they still know their lives are not great, they are full of excitement from being away and seeing something so beautiful as the beach for just a small amount of time. Most of the scenes on the bus are in slow motion but the music is at regular speed because the director is trying to portray the mood of the kids emotions after the trip but also show they are on their way back home by as they get back into town you can immediately tell. The up beat music stops alerting the viewer they are back into a not so up beat environment. The sounds of horns and cars become very loud and the camera shows all the streets filled with people walking around. The new scenes display they are back into a scummy and dirty place, a place the kids were happy to be away from. The camera captures low shots of mans mans faces walking the busy streets, They purposely capture mens faces because men are the ones who essentially rule where they are living because the men are the ones who prostitute the woman out to make money. The scenes also become very blurred, showing they are in a environment that is not wanted to be fully focused on so you don't see the exact details.

3. Telephone conversation

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