English: Miley Cyrus and Selena Essay

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If you hear the names Selena Gomez and Miley Ray Cyrus you think of big successful Hollywood stars. Selena is dating Justin Bieber a pop star that everyone wants to date. Miley the famous Hannah Montana everyone remembers the show as their childhood years. Both celebrities changing the world every day.
Selena Marie Gomez born in grand prarie texas, selena is half Mexican and her mother is part Italian. Selena got interest in acting as she saw her mother acting at a small theatre. Selena made it big when she auditioned for a Disney channel show called wizards of Waverly place. She got the role of Alex in wizards of Waverly place that’s when her fame started, she made a soundtrack for her show and got signed to Hollywood records. She filmed a movie called another Cinderella story along with Drew Seeley and made a soundtrack for that. Selena hit it big when she started concentrating on her music career she formed the band Selena Gomez & the scene. Next came the movies Monte Carlo and Ramona and beezus. She became even more famous with her first album. Next came the part of her career where she wished she didn’t have to share her personal dating life. She started dating Justin Bieber the world’s most famous pop star, which every girl wanted to date, that’s when Selena became the center of attention. Selena has rescued 6 dogs, a lot of her fans admire her because of that. Selena has done a lot of good she is in a charity called UNICEF in 2009 she became the youngest ambassador she traveled to Ghana. she raised $700,000 dollars in 2008 and in 2009 she raised 1 million dollars. Selena she has millions of fans everyone loves her, even many celebrities. Katy perry said “shes so sweet” and this year she was named WOMEN OF THE YEAR, by Glamour magazine. Selena’s fans adore her they say she’s so down to earth and so sweet. Miley Ray Cyrus was born in Nashville Tennessee, her father is billy ray cyrus who was a big star before she became a star. When miley was eleven she and her family moved to canda where she used to watch her dad billy ray sing and she said that inspired her to become interested in acting. She told her father this is what I want to do daddy, acting. Miley heard of a Disney channel show called Hannah Montana, which she decided to audition. Miley was told she was to small but miley sang for the directors and they sall talent in her, which they became interested in her and deiced to give her the role of “miley stewart”. Hannah Montana became a big success for miley, she made a soundtrack and later went on tour for the show. Later she filmed the last song with Liam hemsworth, which was a success and later miley started dating liam. Liam then gave her a promise ring or an engagement ring. Miley has inspired a huge amount of girls to go out and live out your dream as she put the example as her role of miely stewart with best of both worlds. A fan traveled all the way from Philadelphia for a show just to watch miley she said “im enjoying the new miley she’s all grown up” I like all her music its