English: Motivation and Life Essay

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Hasti Nozadi
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October 8, 2013

Peggy is Motivated and Ken is not Motivated

In my opinion, motivation is what helps people follow through with the action in which they believe in. Peggy believes that Ken and she are not meant to be. She obviously has no strong feelings for Ken and he has no feelings for her so this is leading her to make this choice. In the short story “Choices”, Peggy is more motivational than Ken. Peggy knows what she wants to do with her life, while Ken seems to just drift along. Motivation is a characteristic that pushes you to move forward in your life. Motivation is responsible for the choices you make in life.
Peggy is a motivated person. Peggy got up in the morning and started thinking about whether she should leave her town. She had an opportunity to get away from Ken. They did not connect at all. She was going to Ken’s house and he immediately came out of his house, not allowing Peggy time to ring the bell. She was reluctant to go with Ken.
Peggy came out of the car and handed the keys over to Ken and they both get into the car and drive away. As they were driving, Peggy was trying to explain her choice to move to the new town. She was blunt and mentioned that she wants to change her life around, pull herself together and pursue her lifelong dreams.

Ken is not a motivated person. As they were talking, Ken turned and looked intensely at Peggy and said “WHY?” He slammed into the car in front of them. Peggy’s head banged into the rear view mirror and she fainted. “Who turned out the lights? Why is it so dark here?” Peggy felt intense pain and kept crying for help. Because she was in so much pain, she was unable to yell for help loudly. The police had arrived. Ken was asking them to help Peggy. She was still unable to cry for help. When she opened her eyes, she looked up at the paramedic who was trying to help her while Ken was sitting on the side holding his head in his hands.

He removed his hands and she saw that he had just a bandage around his head. She thought he got away with only a head bandage but she had a very serious injury. She was paralyzed for life. During this moment of this part I was thinking to myself that a regular couple would be grateful that in this case Ken was ok and he only had a minor injury. In addition to the accident, Ken wasn't driving carefully. His way of handling the steering wheel was wrong. He should have control of it with both hands at 180 degrees. Somehow, while driving, Ken turns his attention to Peggy. After their accident, there were so many people helping Peggy to get out of car, but Ken was not there. Even though he was with her…