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Steps to make your dream a reality
Are you tired of having small twigs for arms or a belly that looks as if someone has pumped up with air? Do you want to look like someone on the cover of magazines? Do you want a bikini body or rock hard abs? Well we can make your dream a reality with our programme. Not only will you look your best but feel it to. There are three different types of programmes depending on what you want: 1. Build muscle for big, bulging biceps 2. Lose fat for a slim sexy stomach 3. Transform to completely change the way you look. Either way: Stay fit, Stay health, Stay happy.
1. Building muscle
If you’re reading this you want to build muscle and want a body of steel. One misconception about building muscle is that one needs to pump massive weights. This is wrong as, lifting something that is too heavy for you will only cause you to injure yourself not makes you stronger. To build muscle you first must increase your body mass. To do this you can drink protein shake or have fish, red meat or chicken, all these foods have lots of protein and will help increase your mass. But you will still need to exercise to build muscle on the body.
To build muscle on the arms, legs, chest and back there is nothing better to do than push up. Push ups will work more on the abs, chest, shoulders and arms depending on the type of push up you do. Biceps curls, triceps dips and pull ups will help you strive for those beefy, bulging, biceps. Bench presses, side hammer curls and explosive pull ups are examples of exercises which will help you get a buff, gibbous chest and back. Finally to build a sturdy foundation, squats will fortify the thighs and intense calf raises will transform your fatty or skinny calves into legs as strong as steel. The most important thing to remember is that you should not overwork your body as it will damage your muscles and stunt the growth of them. A healthy diet and 2 days rest is absolutely necessary so the body can rest and repair and enlarge. Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay healthy.

2. Losing fat
Many people believe that starving themselves is solution for becoming skinnier and losing fat. This path will only lead to a dead end and do the opposite of what you want. Studies show starving one’s self for a period of more than 6 hours will cause the body to convert the next meal into a higher percentage of fat, so all you are doing is making your goal harder as you will only damage your body and your dream of getting a slim body will stay a dream. Small regular meals will increase your metabolism and make your dream a little bit easier to achieve as food will be processed faster in your body. Green tea will also increase your metabolism by 4% and in 1 month you can lose up to a 1lb. For the lazy people out there this doesn’t mean you can just have lots of green tea and have a slim stomach or abs exercise is an absolutely essential part of this programme and helping part of this programme and helping you become slim. Every day jogging or running…