Different Appearances Have Different Requirements For How You Should Clotess?

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Mario Berjawi
ENC-1101 Dr. Kenefick


Different occasions have different requirements for how you should dress. The way you dress is important, because it shows people how you carry yourself. If you dress nice it shows that you’re a creative person and you care about your appearance. If you don’t take pride in your appearance then people would not want to be associated with you. It is important that you dress according to the occasion. For example, I dress differently when going to school, club/party, and when just hanging out with family and friends.

School clothes for the most part are casual but I try to have my own unique style different than anybody’s. When dressing for school, I don’t dress up too much but not be too laid back. I try to maintain a balance. I want to look nice but not formal at all. Just casual. For example, I always wear a graphic t-shirt with blue or black jeans and sneakers that match my shirt. When going to school, one wants to look attractive but also be comfortable. In school students make friends and acquaintances so one must look decent and approachable. One also wants to be comfortable because sometimes school can be stressful and one needs to be able to concentrate with minimal distractions.

When it comes to club/party clothes one needs to take it up a notch from school clothes. When going to the club I really want to dress the best to impress and attract beautiful females. I wear the best pair jeans in my closet and the most stylish shirt. For the club I wear my freshest pair of shoes because the shoes are what completes the outfit. Club clothes must be more flashy than school clothes because one wants to be noticed by other attractive people. When I walk in the club I want all eyes on me. That is why you must dress accordingly because if not one will not stand out and people would pass one by without noticing. In the club you approach people based of their