Essay on English: Normal Distribution and Student Athlete

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Byron Rich
Professor Watson
English Fundamentals
8 November 2012

Life of a Student Athlete

Being a student athlete can be hard at times... Football in particular, some days it’s grueling, other days it’s just stressful. In order to accomplish your goals, a plan of an attack is in order. There are three ways to do this: First would be balancing your time between school and sports, second is having a good nutritional base to feed your muscles before and after a workout, and lastly would be maximizing your training to become the great athlete you want to be. First, not everyone can be a student athlete, the work ethic and dedication required to stay on top of things without falling behind is only held by special people. “Student” “Athlete” is obviously a combination, an individual that can handle both activities, and does it effectively cannot be classified in the normal group of people. When talking about classification, student athletes are definitely an easy topic to elaborate on. Secondly, eating right and eating often is a must for a football player. Fueling your body for high performance and activity is needed when participating in college athletics. If you don’t eat right, or don’t eat enough; you will be suffering on the field. Football is a game of focus and awareness; if you don’t put the right “gas in your car” you won’t be performing effectively. Thirdly, athletes that are serious of becoming a great athlete have to maximize your workout. What