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Of Mice & Men
How Does Steinbeck present Good vs Evil in the novel?

In the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’ the author, John Steinbeck, portrays a clear representation in the contrast between good and evil. This is clearly represented in the protagonist ‘Curley’s Wife.’ Curley’s wife is shown to be as an annoying, problematic, promiscuous ‘evil’ woman however by the end of the novel we learn that there is a good side to her and that she acts in a way to protect herself.
The first time we briefly meet Curley’s Wife we receive a negative ambiance off of her. Before we even meet her we are told that when she entered the room ‘The rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off.’ As sunshine is linked with happiness and wellbeing, knowing that as she enters the room it is ‘cut off’ the reader is instantly shown that she is no good giving the reader an immediate negative judgment towards her.
A main way which the writer helps the reader portray a character is how the character is portrayed by other characters. This makes it evident that Steinbeck wanted Curley’s Wife to be seen as ‘evil.’ As when the protagonist George spoke about her he said ‘I’ve seen them poison before, but I’ve never seen no piece of jail-bait worse than her.’ The fact that he used the word ‘poison’ suggests that she is evil, and will cause deliberate death towards them. Also, the fact that he says he’s ‘never seen no piece worse than her.’ Displays that she’s the most evil type he’s seen.
However the good is