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Jacob Rodgers
English IV
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Women: Changing a man’s life since day one

In the short stories, “The A & P” and “Araby”, two boys, Sammy and an unnamed boy become captivated with two stunning girls which ultimately leads the two love-stricken boys into a daze, and by committing actions that brings the boys outside of their norms, and in the end are left contemplating what life really has in store for them and coming face to face with reality and love. Sammy, a store clerk finds himself in an odd day at work, and notices three girls walking in the store wearing only bathing suits. He quickly becomes attracted to one of the girls, who he nicknames “Queenie”. Struck by her beauty, he carries out an action that leaves his coworkers in awe, and eventually leaves himself in thought. The unnamed boy, on the other hand comes to like an older girl, and, to impress her goes to the bazaar to buy her a gift. But, his attitude quickly changes from eagerness to anger, and begins to think about his act of love for this girl. As the lights flicker off, the unnamed boy is left alone, with his mind filled with anger. Sammy, a check-out clerk at the local A & P grocery store, notices three girls walk into the store. But, these three girls are not like other girls who come into the store. They are dressed in only bathing suits, and a two-piece suit at that. Sammy takes immediate interest the three girls, and noticed that one of the girls, who he nicknamed “Queenie”, was “leading the others” (A & P) like sheep. He watched their every move, and began to realize that these girls didn’t follow the norm, which interested him. As the girls approached his checkout station, Lengel, the store manager, came out of his office and approached the girls. He began to explain to the girls that they are not appropriately dressed, and that “this isn't the beach." (A & P) Sammy was shocked by how he talked with Queenie, and it struck him “as funny, as if it hadjust occurred to him, and he had been thinking all these years the A & P was a great big dune and he was the head lifeguard.” (A & P) As the “girls, and who'd blame them, are in a hurry to get out, so I say "I quit" to Lengel quick enough for them to hear, hoping they'll stop and watch me, their unsuspected hero” (A & P) leads to Sammy realizing that the order in society shouldn’t try to hold back beauty. He comes to understand that the rules and order from the store hold back what he likes most, and that is beauty. With a final gesture towards Lengel, Sammy rushes out the store to try and find the girls. By the time he gets outside he is left alone, and comes face to face with the rules of society and the beauty that is hidden from it. In the end, Sammy is left face to face with the order of society, and the beauty of being different. The unnamed boy, a poor child living in North Dublin, comes to like his friend’s older sister. With small talks as his only was of trying to impress her, he tries to find a way that will get her attention. One day while they are talking she begins to talk about the bazaar, an array of stores where one day by little nick-knacks and other items. Since the girl is unable to go because of prior plans, the unnamed boy goes on and says 'If I go, I will bring you something.” (Araby) As the days go by the boy is beginning to feel eager about going to the bazaar, and can’t even focus on his school work. When the