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Similar circumstances or plots of Iraq war The story “Adams” (2004) is a meaningful story which was written by George Saunders and first appeared in The New Yorker. As we read this story, we know it is writting about the relationship between neighbors who are Roger and Adams, and there are some bad things happened between them, but the whole story has a strong irony of the Iraq War because the year when George Saunders published this story was the second year during the Iraq War. In this story, George Saunders aims and claims to convince his readers that the Iraq War take people into social environment in which people do not trust another. How many people want war? How many people want peace? Most people do not want war because war just brings people into evil, and civilians cannot gain any benefits from the war. George Saunders as a writer and tell us something about the Iraq war in his way, then he wrote the story.There are three parts find from this story, similar to some details during the Iraq War. Roger hits Adams because he hates Adams. He thinks that Adams is dangerous, and he feels some menace from Adams. In this story, Roger expressed “I never could stomach Adams and then one day he’s standing in my kitchen, in his underwear. Facing in the direction of my kids’ room! So I wonk him in the back of the head and down he goes,” (Saunders). Adams is standing in his underwear, and facing in Roger’s kids’ room. This is a defiance behavior and it makes Roger mad. So Roger wants to beat Adams, so that Adams will afraid of him. The plot is kind of like the reason for why America attack Iraq. America does not like Iraq, Iraq has also some defiance behaviors that make America feels unhappy. So the United States wants to beat Iraq, and give them a warning. Although America communicates with them, Iraq still didn’t change. After that, America hits Iraq, at the same time, some countries suggested America do not attack Iraq, stop the war. Like the story tell us that “So I wonked him again, and when she crawled at me, going, Please, Please, I had to push her back down, not in a mean way but in a like stay-there way, which is when, of course, just my luck, the kids came running in—these Adams kids, I should say, are little thespians, constantly doing musicals in the back yard, etc., etc.”(Saunders). America thought he was powerful and strong enough that he didn’t need to care about others’ recommendation. America do everything they want, like Roger hit Adams. Then Roger always worries that Adams will take revenge on him. His remarks that show the worry are “all summer it’s going to be pranks, my hose slit and syrup in my gas tank, or all of a sudden our dog has a burn mark on her belly.” (Saunders) So he thinks he has to do something to protect himself and his family. First, Roger “ typed up these like handbills, saying ,Just So You Know, Your Dad Was Standing Naked in My Kitchen, Facing My Kids’ Room.”( Saunders) Then he tape one inside Adams’ house, to make sure Adams’ kids can see. Also he put those papers into all mail box around the block, to let all neighbors know what Adams did. Then all night he gets call after call from his neighbors, and giving his some ideas or helps. This plot is similar to America know Iraq is also a strong country, and Iraq can make the United States have some losses. So America needs some alliance to help him to defeat Iraq. Then Joint Forces include 120,000 US troops, 40,005 thousand British troops, more than 2,000 people of the Australian troops etc. So America has more power than Iraq. It leaded to Iraq did not dare to fight with the United States. Here is similar to the story, “Then Monday morning I see Adams walking toward his car and again he gives me that smoldering look! Never have I received such a hateful look. And flips me the bird! As if he is the one who is right! So I rush over to wonk him, only he gets in