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English Paper
1. Sometime I wonder what I’m doing here in our makeshift canoe in the middle of the jungle; it always amazes me how I seem to end up in these kinds of situations. All of a sudden the river began to become narrower and the tall trees were suddenly all around us, As if they were keeping us out, or even something in. The heat is another thing; it is just so unbearably hot. It is as if we are being cooked alive.
The river seemed to have a mind of its own twisting and turning in all different directions, the tress seemed to open like curtains as if the jungle was welcoming us in. Like a predator would do to its prey.
Suddenly we were surrounded by whirl-pools, I didn’t think they really existed I thought they were just something from Hollywood. It the films they don’t look very intimidation but in real life they are like huge monsters waiting to eat you alive.
Once we got past the raging waters there was an element of peace and the waters became calm and clear. So that you could even see your own reflection and the reflection of the tress in the water made it difficult to see where the land began.
That’s when it dawned on me that we weren’t traveling down river anymore. We were climbing the water mt. Everest.
We stopped just for a few minutes to get rid of an old petrol can we had been given a few days ago, but a lizard watched us from the moment we set foot on the land. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck begin to stand up with fear. We moved slowly trying not to disturb it anymore and then as suddenly as it arrived it ran away back into the dense jungle.
Then a kite flew overhead and it was nothing like the ones we get back in England, it was so large and beautiful and it was flying so close to us we could almost hear its wings flapping in the wind.
The we came close to more rapids again and I knew it was time to put my poetry down and hold on tight to something, and with no a lot of time to spare I had to shut my book and concentrate on the river ahead. I could feel the adrenalin pulsing trough my veins as we splashed trough the water. I was praying as the seconds seem to take hours to pass by that we would make it through alive. As soon as I knew it was safe again I took out my book and continued to read.

2. a) The effect the language has on the reader is of intimation, evidence of this is;
“60 meter high trees crowded down the slopes of the hills”
This makes the environment seem small and enclosed even though they are in such a…