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Tyanna De La Cruz
Professor Riccardi
WRT 101­069
29 April 2015
An Evaluation on Friedmans "Generation Q"
According to Friedman on “generation Q” is taking action through volunteerism, however this generation needs to become more politically active. The “Q” represents their idealism, at home and abroad” (Friedman 377). This generation is acting upon their idealism by volunteering in a way that will force politicians to give answers” (Friedman 378). Which will then change the Q in “Generation Q” to the Questioning Americans instead of the “Quiet
American” (Friedman 377).
Friedman is both “baffled and impressed” (Friedman 377) by this generation. He is
“baffled by the generation of college students which he refers to as the “ quiet Americans
“(Friedman 377). However he is “impressed because Friedman noticed the students being more
“optimistic and idealistic” (Friedman 378).
The statue on the campus of Ole Miss symbolizes people like James Meredith who have been courageous. Meredith was the first African­American to be admitted to Ole Miss in 1962 at a time when segregation was socially acceptable. Friedman refers to the statue of Meredith
“striding” (Friedman 378) toward actually pursuing change in an effort to motivate “generation
Q” to take action and steps towards becoming politically involved.
Friedman explains that they need to get active within the community to truly make any politicians listen to what they need as the next coming generation. He feels this generation has

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become too quiet because of what technology has brought. He criticizes this generation by saying they waste time on