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Warren Christopher believes that humans need to be able to depend on and trust one another, he shared with us three examples to illustrate his beliefs. He tells us how he once was driving down a two-lane highway at sixty miles an hour, and on the opposite side of the road, another car was approaching him around the same speed. He looked at the drivers eyes for just a second, and wondered if the driver depended on him, like he did on the driver. Even though no words were heard or spoken, they both depended on each other not to fall asleep, get distracted, or cross the double yellow line and cause an accident. Another example was when he was negotiating with Iran to release fifty-two American hostages in 1980. The Iranians refused to meet with him in person, only by messages through the Algeria. Christopher relied on the Algerian minister to receive and transmit the messages with absolute accuracy. With the Algerian ministers help, they were able to bring the Americans back home. His final example was about how in 2003, doctor in five nations worked quickly to identify the SAR Virus. By there fast response, the doctors were able to save thousands of lives. International terrorism threats are a similar problem. The police have to rely on intelligence forces across the world to keep us safe. I Completely agree with Christopher, having trust and dependence on one another is necessary for our human survival. Imagine a world where nobody trusted anyone, stores would let only a couple people at a time and would be watching them non stop. There wouldn’t be any relationships because nobody can trust one another. Therapist wouldn’t exist because nobody would want to share there personal information with someone they don’t trust. Banks wouldn’t exist either, if you don’t trust anyone why would you give the bank your money to save. I believe trust is very important, that’s why I make sure that all the