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Writers and speakers have a large impact on the ideas and opics people consider to be inethical or unfair. People are able to convince others, whether through speech or writing about their ideas. During he mid 19th century and mid 20th century there were laws that caused problems for certian people, like women, blacks, and other minorities. Just like today people spoke out against those problems they were facing and pushed for others to see what their potential could be without these things limiting them.
In the mid-19th century everyone had their own version of The American Dream but only certain people could actually complete their dream. The authors, Sojourner truth, Chief Joseph, and MLK all show the world the reality that the American dream is limited to only people of certain groups. The Dream is believed to be able to start with nothing and attain something throughout ones life. This is a great thing but during that time blacks, women and people of other social classes were all discriminated against. This made it difficult for someone of that race or sex to complete their dream. Each person had a different incite on how they could gain equal access to The American Dream. MLK wanted to display the unfairness and segregation that blacks were receiving because of unfair and unjust laws. Sojourner wanted to show the world that the idea that a woman unable to do the things a man could do, like being the president, was not true. All of these writers can be considered to