Analysis Of The Evil Queen

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No such thing as perfect.
"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" "You are" (Snow White). As little girls we grow up watching Disney movies, fantasying on what our fairytale life is going to look like when we become adults. This might be one of the most famous quotes in the whole movie. We all have remembered it, and we all have probably recited it. The Evil Queen was wicked and terrible person, or is that just what we thought? Maybe she was a normal, average person seeking acceptance from others. Maybe the Evil Queen felt the need to be the best, to be perfect. Maybe she was just insecure, seeking to put others down because something went wrong in her life. Whatever the reason was, throughout the whole movie the Evil Queen felt that she had to be better than everyone else around her. In society today, many of us are replicas of the Evil Queen, putting a heavy weight on our shoulders just to achieve perfection, but yet, we end up hurting ourselves when it’s all said and done. Just as the Queen did, instead of trying to be perfect, why not try our best with limitations in place, rather than die striving to achieve an impossible goal we know we can’t reach? My mom always asked me, “What do you see when you look into the mirror?” Well, unless you are the exception to the rule, you usually see your own imperfections. The smallest details about yourself that no one else notices, but yet you probably blow them out of proportion almost every day. When I asked someone, “What do you see when you see me?” Some might say, "A good person, opinionated, athletic, and happy." They very well might be right, but that's not at all what I see. When I look in the mirror I see a pretty girl with a lot of imperfections, stress, confusion, and frustration. Most of us can probably relate to seeing something similar within ourselves. The focus that we have on our imperfections is all due what we think the “ideal society” is. The environment we're in makes it hard for people to face the fact that perfection can never be achieved. We all as humans try to establish unattainable standards for ourselves and each other. Whether that’s in our careers, home life, or body image. These perfections that take over our society to make it “ideal” drive ordinary people to dissatisfaction, because they are trying to achieve these unrealistic goals of social perfection. We all say, "No one is perfect," and "Looks aren't important," but do we really believe it?
My boyfriend’s mother Donna Simmons is a contender of trying to achieve social perfection. Mrs. Simmons is the secretary for a private school one hour away from her home; the school teaches ages K through 12. Thinking about the long hours she works, which is seven thirty a.m. to four thirty p.m. and maybe even later, she has a lot to get done. Some tasks her job entitles her to partake in are taking care of administrative details, scheduled appointments, and to handle the schools communication. In basic terms this all deals with kids’ registration, bus schedules, school lunches, after-school programs, immunization requirements, absences of the students, phone calls and much more. Mrs. Simmons hasn’t missed a day of work in three years; not including being sick, but she is taking on extra activities such as chaperoning field trips to Costa Rica to try and achieve a higher position in the school.
To some people it may seem like Mrs. Simmons has an easy life and good career. Others don’t see the opposite side, on top of her eight hour job, five days a week she still has to run her household like most mothers do. Mr. Simmons works for the government, every day except Sundays he leaves at six in the morning and comes home between ten or eleven at night, so he isn’t much help for getting things done. Mrs. Simmons deals with the cooking, cleaning, and keeping her home running smoothing all by herself. For people that know Mrs. Simmons you would think that’s not a big deal because…