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Imagination is a big part of lives As a young kid we all imagine or make believe things that are not real, are real. There isn’t anything wrong with making believe or pretending. Pretending or imagining things as a kid can be a great way for the mind to be stimulated it can show where a child’s head is at. We should continue to let our kids imagine, and pretend. What can we learn from using our imagination is learning who we are as people? What we like to do or how creative we can be. We can discover worlds or places, that we like to be in. we discover different places that we could explore in reality, like the big castle floating in the sky with all new furniture perfect enough for a princess with beautiful paintings and fresh fruit and flowers all around.
When imagining things we can escape our troubles in reality we can be whatever we wanted to be and live in the imagination state with no worries or troubles. Sometimes it is very good to escape reality because you may have no other way of getting away from your troubles so going to a good state of mind maybe your way of getting away from it all.
What can we lose if we don’t use our imagination is not having a personality. When you imagine I believe that it gives you some of your personality you can be silly you can be mean if you wanted to be, you can be goofy you can be whatever you want to be when you imagine. When you come back from your imagination you may pick up a few things like being mean and that may become a part of who you are in real life. If nobody imagined anything we would be stuck in a world where everyone thinks somewhat alike, they wouldn’t be free to explore anything. The kids in school would all be thinking and taught the same because of the lack of imagination.
We can grow from our imagination because we can place our self somewhere, and in reality we get to the place we see ourselves imagining. If a person imagines that they are a very wealthy doctor, in reality they are doing everything that they imagined themselves doing to get there to be the very wealthy doctor. We can also grow into the person we want to become in