Aaron And Owen: The Power Of God

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Hailey Lavelle
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Due: March 28, 2012

Aaron and Owen were friends a long time ago. Aaron always had something special about him, like a god like power that Owen was jealous about. In high school Aaron was always smarter and became someone powerful that the other powerful people who were categorized as “gods” by the people who were not like them. Then because Owen was jealous of Aaron if one of them needed help the other was surely not the first to jump out of there seat and help them.
So as time passed out they went there separate ways and Aaron became known as the “ direction god” he was so smart and knew how to get around places and to get around things as in if he was in trouble or needed to get out of it he was smart and cleaver enough and knew how. Owen became someone people looked up to because of his amazing strength and power he had on people. He had followers and people who followed him were known as his crew. So one day Owen and his crew had been traveling to challenge people to see if they were stronger and were able to complete more tasks than he was, everyone failed because they thought they could beat him because he looked much older than everyone he challenged but behind those wrinkles was a fierce man full of power and strength.
Owen and his crew were traveling back to their home town, victorious as they knew they would be, they were happy as ever but to their surprise they had gotten off course on the road and there GPS was suddenly not giving the correct directions the GPS wanted different ones. Owen was in shock him and his crew needed to get home to tell everyone the great news so they got out of the van and walked around until they saw someone.
Owen saw this man and knew he looked familiar but couldn’t put his finger on who this man was. But right then in a sudden instant he knew, it was Aaron they man who was always better at everything than him. This had brought back memories about how mean Owen was to Aaron. But he didn’t say anything to his crew about it they just went up kindly and asked the man if he knew how to get back to Ithaca. The man who had known it was Owen didn’t hint that he knew it, but said” yes I do in fact!” he wrote down directions and gave it to the crew. They all said thank you and returned to the van. And not a word