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Jacie Smith
Microtheme 1 T/R 9:00
30 August 2012

What is the Point?
“Why did my advisor enroll me in this class?” “Is this course relevant to my major and to my interests?” The majority of college students have asked themselves one or both of these questions at least once in their educational paths. The suggested curriculum for the mass of majors recommend three hours of humanities as an elective, such as music appreciation, art appreciation, or drama. This sparks my curiosity and the question, why must agricultural majors be required to take a music appreciation course while those students majoring in music are not expected to enroll in an agricultural orientation class? Music is incorporated into our daily lives; we listen to it while driving in our vehicle, while dancing, and also for entertainment. Being able to appreciate music is a very beneficial lesson to learn. I am an agricultural major, and I understand the importance of learning and understanding the basic fundamentals and principles of music. While attending the music appreciation class taught at Fort Scott Community College, I have learned that music is responsible for influencing our world. It takes an effect on emotions, actions, and perspectives which influences daily life.
It is very important everyone be provided with the knowledge that agriculture shapes our lives in many ways. It feeds families, clothes children, and provides 50 percent of the worlds job opportunities. This