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English Response On a personal level I for one, like museums. I really enjoy history museums and how they portray interesting and mind boggling information and facts. My experiences have shown me that museums must be entertaining while also being educational. The best museums who get the most people are those who consider “eye-popping” exhibits appeal to the audience, and how accessible an exhibit is. Everyone knows that a museum is nothing without its appeal to its audience, and its amazing exhibits. The museums have to attract the audience almost as if they were buyers in a market. They want to catch the fish (the audience) and reel them in as fast as they can, without the audience losing interest. Like Charles W. Peal, he used everything in his power to impress his audience. “ Peal offered his visitors performers, a zoo and an intriguing assembly of biological oddities.” Peal was very focused on entertaining his audience he didn’t really consider the educational point of view he was suppose to convey to the public. He was just worried about the quantity and not the quality. For the museums to accessibly prove the audience, they have to know who exactly will be attracted to their museums and how easily swayed audience can be. For the National Museum of the American Indian (which is the 16th museum of the Smithsonian Institution), their main target was the Native Americans. They also wanted to “reel in” any other culture/ ethnic groups that would be interested in learning about the Native Americans. “ In all activities, the National Museum of the American Indian acknowledges the diversity of cultures and the continuity of cultural knowledge among…