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In 1765 the English Parliament made a tax called the Stamp act. It taxed printed things like newspapers, playing cards and newspaper. Stamp act affected everyone in the colonial cities. Parliament taxed the colonies without the colonies say.

1767 was the beginning of the Townshend acts. This tax taxed imported goods and were taxed at the port. Some of the items taxed were glass, tea, paper, paint, and lead. The colonists thought that it didn’t matter that the taxes were paid at the port because they didn’t want to be taxed at all. The colonists boycotted all products that were being taxed by the Townshend act. Then the Parliament sends troops to Boston to enter any location to search for smuggled goods.

The colonists were getting angrier, and angrier in 1770 at the British solders. Some colonists in Boston on March 5th were taunting the British solders. A fight happened and somebody yelled, “fire”. The solders shot into the crowd. 11 people were shot and 5 were killed. Crispus Attucks, a colonist who was part African and part Native American, died. This was called the Boston Massacre. Leaders of the colonies use propaganda, which is information when only one viewpoint is used. Paul Revere made an image where the British were shooting into the crowd of innocent colonists. He also said that this was a massacre.

In 1773 the colonists thought that the British like the Townshend acts and the Stamp act would repeal any tax. When a British tea company from East India shipped tea to four ports the colonists said that the tea couldn’t be unpacked. The ships sent to New York and…