English: Personality Psychology and Friend Linda Essay

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Comparison and Contrast Paper

Intuition, thinker and judger these are just a few words to describe Ms. Hermenia Draughn. I am an individual that has intuition in which I do take things in and I do have an internal focus. In relations to externally I am very rational and logical. I do like to plan strategically through having ideas. I am a very knowledgeable, intelligent who possess competence with high standards and I do strive to fulfill these qualities. The previously stated does apply to my personality very well. I observe the world and have ideas and views of various possibilities. I am also a person that believes in organization. I objectively see the reality of a situation when in leadership role alongside have the ability to have adaptability if change occurs with things that do not work well. I am self-confident, and think in a long-range valuing efficiency and clarity.
Within my personality lie characteristics that are Intrapersonal. I am a person that can establish others paying attention to me by listening. I prefer and have the ability to study alone. I set goals to accomplish the things that I want. I know what I want. I usually do not discuss my accomplishments with others. I like to have time alone in order to think about information that is new in a manner to remember it. I am also a person that is aware of my feelings in depth. I am a person that is reflective and requires time alone. I also like to evaluate my own thinking. I can express my feelings with awareness. I also have an understanding of myself in relation to others. My thinking and reasoning skills are on higher levels. In regards to my study skills what works best for my type of intelligence is having the ability to have reflection meaning of information in a personal way. I strive to visualize information and perhaps keep a journal. I like to study in settings, which are quiet and imagine experiments. The limit may be not really getting involved with group activities as much.
In contrast to my personality my dearest friend Linda’s intellectual way of being is based upon being more verbal and linguistic. She enjoys doing crossword puzzles and a lot of games such as scrabble. Linda is an excellent with remembering people’s names and dates and is a good story teller. Linda always enjoys listening also to our other friends stories. Since Linda is very smart with words she loves communicating using her language abilities of writing, telling the best stories that are centered on her life experiences and she loves to read a various array of books. Linda likes to focus on analyzing her own use of communication with her words through language, remembering any terms comes to her very easily. She also is good at understanding meanings of words. My friend Linda can